Configuration is a concept of creating multiple versions of Parts and Assemblies with in a single document for creating components which has similar shape but different dimensions and parameters and we can change these configurations anytime inside part and assembly to get our desired model. SolidWorks has a much easy tool while importing a part into an assembly which will allow us to select the required configuration by using Configuration Publisher. This tool was introduced in SolidWorks in 2010 version.


To use this tool, firstyou have to create a design table within the part model and then in the configuration manager tab, right click the part name and select the option Configuration Publisher.

And now you will be introduced to configuration publisher window. You have to select the parameters that are to be included in the configuration selection menu, which we will be required to choose while using the part file in the assembly.  Then apply the settings and close the window and save the document.


If it is necessary, publish the model to 3D Content central.

We have successfully created configuration publisher. And now how can we use this published configs? Let’s see how to…

Configuration publisher_simtek.

Now after importing the part file into the assembly, it will automatically prompt you to select the version that is required.

In the specify tab, you can pick the model using Parameters or Configuration Name.

                Start utilizing this feature and publish more documents in SOLIDWORKS 3Dcontent Central.

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