Is the time right to switch 3D CAD tools?

Might not be as hard as you think

Find out why the world’s best new products start with SOLIDWORKS

Are your engineers frustrated with your current 3D CAD tools? Are parts not fitting together the first time? Are you missing important product launch dates because of assembly issues? Does your CAD’s Data Management system take your engineers away from design work due to data chaos? Are you having trouble finding qualified engineers? If you are experiencing any of these issues, now is the time to switch to SOLIDWORKS.

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Many of world’s most innovative products get their start in SOLIDWORKS. The full suite of integrated solutions branches into every area of product development, providing the most comprehensive innovation platform in the industry. SOLIDWORKS solutions are Read more »


Dassualt Systemes has organized an exclusive seminar on how design and manufacturing companies are
solving their most challenging design validation problems using SOLIDWORKS’ powerful simulation and design validation capabilities on 2nd September 2015, at ITC Grand Chola. Nearly 96 delegates participated in this validation driven design seminar.



Proud to share the feedback from LAB ELECTRONICS on SOLIDWORKS Simulation Event:TAMILMANI lab electronics

LAB ELECTRONICS – R&D Engineer Says ” Myself Tamilmanni M from LAB ELECTRONICS.

I want to thank “SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd” on behalf of our company for giving an wonderful opportunity to attend such a Knowledgeable session.

Although we are familiar about SOLIDWORKS from your presentation, this seminar was quite helpful for us to know the in-depth capability of “SOLIDWORKS” and to know how it is very much helpful in leading industries for achieving growth and quality.

Kindly keep us updated about seminars conducted by SOLIDWORKS, So that it will very useful for us to Know Up-To-Date capabilities and development in SOLIDWORKS“.

We Thank Mr. Tamilmani M – R&D Engineer for sharing his experience on SOLIDWORKS Simulation event.


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