Iso Clipping in Simulation

Iso clipping is a special tool in Solidworks Simulation which is used to isolate (or) view surfaces of a specified value of the plotted result.

The user has experienced difficulties to find the exact portion of the model where it is failed by simply using the result chart available at the right side of the model.

At that situation, this Iso clipping option is very much useful to find the critical portion of the model.

You can go to Iso clipping by Right click stress under Result folder (or) simulation > Result Tool > Iso clipping.

Iso Clipping in Simulation 1


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Reverse Engineering in SOLIDWORKS Is Beyond Imagination.

Product design today is largely a digital effort. The paperless design has been something that we’ve been writing about for years, but the reality is that though designs can be tested, verified and validated digitally, physical parts and prototypes remain a reality for most manufacturers. As a result, capturing data from physical objects and putting that data back into the digital model is often a crucial part of the design cycle.


Reverse engineering enables users to create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part that can then be used in 3D CAD, computer-aided manufacturing, and other computer-aided engineering applications. Today we can find that Reverse engineering in SOLIDWORKS has crossed boundaries of imagination.


In Implant design, the wearable body parts can be replaced with respective implant design. For example, Knee replacement implant, Dental cavity implants.


Let’s take a look at one extraordinary application of implant design. To simplify the complicated design of knee replacement implants we can use the CT scan data of a live person. The exported files from CT scan can be converted into.STL format with Mimics. We can take a look at 3D scan data image of the knee.


Reverse Engineering in SolidWorks Is Beyond the Imagination 1


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A SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 What’s New feature to supports vault database replication that can greatly improve performance in high latency and high usage environments.

  • Always On Availability Groups (AOAG) technology in Microsoft SQL Enterprise edition 2012 or higher is used for the replication capability.
  • Using AOAG, SOLIDWORKS PDM can direct the read operations to the secondary SQL servers.
  • Each availability group can maintain a single database with read-write access (primary database) and multiple databases with read-only access (secondary databases).


Database Replication in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017

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