An impeccable 1.0-liter three cylinder EcoBoost engine was named the 2013 International Engine of the Year, marking the second consecutive year it has done so. The engine also took home the highest score in the history of the awards, along with a “Best Engine Under 1.0-liters” category.


The tiny engine packs a respectable punch for its size, producing 123 hp and 148 lb-ft or torque (Specs may be different pending specific model the engine is in).

International Engine Of the Year

The award is determined by 87 automotive journalists from 35 countries, judging based on drivability, performance, economy and refinement.

The engine also won the International Paul Pietcsh Award 2013 for technological innovation, Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics and the Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club in Great Britain.


Do you think making this type of engine would have been possible without a CAD Software?

These Types of Engines definitely needs a CAD Software to design from its conceptual idea to manufacturing Job. SolidWorks can be used to design these types of engines efficiently like its crank cases,gear Wheels , cavities etc… using its user friendly features like sweep, loft etc… SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd is an authorized reseller for SolidWorks . 

Aspirant For Design

“I choose to learn from the best” was the answer from a Mechanical Engineering student when asked a question; “on what basis do you choose a 3D CAD Software for training” who is Aspirant for Design. After a research in social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn , he found that SolidWorks is the best user friendly 3D CAD software which has inbuilt user friendly analysis tools when compared to other CAD software’s and interpreted that learning SolidWorks 3D CAD from an Authorized training center helps in excelling career. He emphasized that the benefits of  learning SolidWorks 3D CAD with Authorized training center like SIMTEK helps in learning the design concept rather than focusing on the software tools.

Implant training - Mechanical Design

He also exclaimed that they use SolidWorks software in their College as they had “3D Modeling” as a part of their Engineering curriculum in the 3rd year. He also highlighted that the training program offered by SIMTEK provides great opportunity in upgrading his CAD knowledge. SIMTEK gives exposure to work on real time projects and he also spelled out his experience working on the real time project  with “Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd“industries in designing core shop plant layout & sand dryer M/C. He justified that this increases the confidence level of an individual. He also helped his faculty in completing his ME project in designing Single point cutting tool & did a Thermal stress analysis. He was delighted in sharing this experience.


 “The Training Program from SIMTEK has given me a great opportunity to start my career in Design. SIMTEK Training Program doesn’t end up with classroom, moving beyond the Industrial visit and exposure to real time design project helped me in understanding the Industry expectation with respective to design domain. Hope through SIMTEK guidance my dream to be a design Engineer come true”.


Avinash Anil Chougule – B.E Mechanical

D.K.T.E. College of Ichalkaraji

Refining the Design Process in the Plastic Industry – Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd.


Mould DesignThe primary requirement of making the designers to express their views to the entire team and enabling themselves with the ability to carry out changes in no time, lead to the procurement of SolidWorks software by Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd. The company had the basic product classified to several modules where three groups of three designers each worked on the design. SolidWorks helped these designers to carefully and easily create and alter these designs in the shortest possible time, and saving almost 40% of detailing of a model with the use of SolidWorks Standard and Library of Imold.

Moldwell is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company established in the year 1981. Moldwell is a recognized    leader providing innovative and cost-effective injection molding machines, Molds and Assembled parts.


– Mr. R. Soundararaj, Managing Director, Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd.

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