Coincident Mate Smartness in SOLIDWORKS 2017 while working in Large Assemblies

Purpose of coincident mate in SOLIDWORKS 2017

  • Coincident between two components happens exactly at the selected regions,
  • Coincident mate is applicable between conical faces too


Problem faced by large assembly designers

Normally if the coincident mate is given between two components, the components won’t be positioned in the selected region after coincident mate is given. The components may be hidden some were in assemblies. This is a tedious job for large assembly designers, the designer has to find the component and position to the desired place by using move component option. This is illustrated diagrammatically as follows ;

Component to be mated,Selected regions for coincident matePosition of the component after coincident mate

Coincident between two components happens exactly at the selected regions

Coincident mate in SOLIDWORKS 2017 allows the components to Read more »

Is the time right to switch 3D CAD tools?

Might not be as hard as you think

Find out why the world’s best new products start with SOLIDWORKS

Are your engineers frustrated with your current 3D CAD tools? Are parts not fitting together the first time? Are you missing important product launch dates because of assembly issues? Does your CAD’s Data Management system take your engineers away from design work due to data chaos? Are you having trouble finding qualified engineers? If you are experiencing any of these issues, now is the time to switch to SOLIDWORKS.

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Many of world’s most innovative products get their start in SOLIDWORKS. The full suite of integrated solutions branches into every area of product development, providing the most comprehensive innovation platform in the industry. SOLIDWORKS solutions are Read more »

Why 3d? Why you need to choose SOLIDWORKS?

Why 3d? Why you need to choose SOLIDWORKS?

2D Impact & Customer Expectation:

In olden days, people used to draw line sketches in a paper, after slowly they started using 2D application to create why3dcadaccurate 2d views – front, top, side, sectional, detail view. In addition to that, draftsman adds a title block which stores information like who created the drawing, when it was created, who approved, who changed, and for what purpose.

Why 3D ?

Later… people wanted to combine all the views and to visualize 3d in mind. It is diffcult to predict clearly how the products look like; So the entry of next dimension tool – 3D CAD software.

Initially people thought that this is sufficient and significant to do our 3d models whether it is simple or complex. Years later people started thinking that we need to put more value on built-in intelligence, improved collaboration and easy to use application.

SIMTEK in Association with SIEMA & COINDIA

Successfully conducted seminar on “Design & Manufacture your Product with New Dimension” Using SOLIDWORKS & Mastercam​. This seminar was organized by SIMTEK in association with SEMIA & COINDIA for the industry memeber to know about how today’s competitive world, technology is fast emerging as the key differentiator and there is tremendous pressure on CEO/CTO/Directors /IT Managers to leverage CAD/CAM/CAE Infrastructure to meet growing business demands. In this endeavour we emerge with Cutting Edge Technology to automate your design and manufacturing process which in turn helps organization to meet its strategic and business goals.

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Date : 25th March 2015

Time : 05.30 pm to 08.00 pm

Venue: Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association
SIEMA Building – II Floor 8/4,
Race Course Coimbatore – 641 018

Seminar Highlights:

*Transform new ideas into great products
*Streamlining the Manufacturing process
*Faster product development
*Cutting Machine time & tool wear
*Automated push-botton 2D programming Read more »

SOLIDWORKS Drafting Tips & Tricks – SIMTEK


Hello all, view this SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks video to know how Hidden Lines can be made visible for particular Component even in Assembly file, how Section View can be projected from a Detail view, how to Use 3D Drawing View option, how Small case can be changed to Upper Case easily in created Notes.

For more SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks or to watch live demo on SOLIDWORKS  contact SIMTEK India’s Leading CAD/CAM/CAE Software solution provider,  an Authroized reselller of SOLIDWORKS & Mastercam