Suppose if you want to automate the BOM as much as possible to avoid manually inputting data and have it update parametrically with changes in your design, using nested IF statements in your BOM columns, can easily automate it.

BOM Table Using Equations 1



For the BOM above, the only values which require manual input into the parts are Material, Weight, Revision, Quantity and Cost. The remaining columns like Total cost, Paint colour and About Revision are automatically updates by using Equations & IF Statements.

Now let’s look how we can create and use Equations & IF Statements.

From below BOM, need to create Total cost, Paint Colour and About Revision. For that I need to create either Equation or IF statement. You can find the Equation or IF statement from the below screenshot.

BOM Table Using Equations 2

You can simply right click any column and above the Table you will able to see summation symbol (∑) which refers an Equation.

Now I need to calculate the Total cost of the parts by simply using Equations.

BOM Table Using Equations 3

From the above screenshot, I create an equation by multiplying cost and quantity (‘Cost’*’QTY’), which gives me the Total cost of my individual part.

Now, I need to create another column which tells me about the color of my each part. This painting option will help me to differentiate my parts according to its weight.

BOM Table Using Equations 4

From the above screenshot, I create an equation based on my requirement IF(‘Weight'<100;”Black”;IF(‘Weight’>1000;”Red”;”Ash”)) which means, if my part which is less than 100 grams, it should be “Black”, those which is more than 1000 grams, it should be “Red” and remaining should be “Ash”.

In last column, I need to tell about the revision changes of my part. For that I create an equation IF(‘Revision’=1;”No Change”;IF(‘Revision’=2;”Little Change”;”Huge Change”)) which means, if revision is equal to 1, it have “No changes”. If revision is equal to 2, it have “Little changes”. If revision is equal to 3, it have “Huge changes”.

(NOTE: Here I am not explaining about the changes).

BOM Table Using Equations 5

When creating equations in SOLIDWORKS BOM, it is easiest to use the dropdowns in the equation editor, but if you want to create them on your own, notice that Custom Properties are bracketed in forward apostrophes (`Custom Property`), a Column is bracketed in regular apostrophes (‘Column Name’), and Text is bracketed in quotations (“Text”).




  • You can perform adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing as like as in Excel.
  • Reduce time in creating BOM, since it is automatic.
  • You can save this as a BOM template also for any future use.
  • This option is very much useful while creating BOM of Large Assemblies with ‘n’ no. of parts.



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