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Show assembly as part in indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS

Show assembly as part in indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS


Best Practices to use indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS

Generally, the main purpose of indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS is to show all the parts inside an assembly and subassembly in detail.

Sometimes when we use a standard assembly component item in SOLIDWORKS for creating a model which is a bought-out and SOLIDWORKS consider that as an assembly and it will list all the part in that assembly in indented BOM. Since it is a bought-out item our requirement will be it needs to appear as  a single part in our BOM

If we save that assembly as a part and use it in the assembly all the kinematic motion will be lost. And we can’t use the motion in the assembly

Let me insert an assembly to the assembly and then take the BOM for example.

In this case, the hydraulic cylinder line item number 6 is a brought our item, and we need it as a single line item, lets's see how we can do it in this blog

BOM of Hydraulic cylinder assembly


Open the assembly of the hydraulic cylinder and then go to the configuration

Select and right-click on the configuration.

SOLIDWORKS BOM configuration properties

Under the Bill of material option, choose “Hide”.  The hide option will hide all the parts in this assembly BOM.

Hide or Show parts in BOM properties

Now Let me insert this part into the assembly and then take the BOM for example.

Show assembly as part in intended BOM in SOLIDWORKS

The hydraulic cylinder line item number 6 is a brought as item, and it is still an assembly with all the constrain and motion. Now it will show as a single line item in assembly indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS.

I hope this blog is helpful for all, apply this in your BOM creation and simplify your work.


How to get started with DraftSight

How to get started with DraftSight?

DraftSight: A 2D CAD Software for all professionals

DraftSight, while hearing this word, you may have questions such as what is DraftSight software? what it will do? what is its cost? how to use it? any cost-benefit for buying this software for me?

Let we see...

DraftSight is a 2D and 3D Cad software for engineers, architects, cad designers, and Professional cad users.

Let us see a short introduction of Draftsight, its capabilities & Its benefits in this blog.

As said, Draftsight is a 2D & 3D software that is used for 2D design and annotation & 3D Modelling. Draftsight will let you do all the operations you are doing in the present 2D software without missing the legacy. From the file extension to the user interface, you can feel the same feeling that you felt in the present 2D software.

Yes, it works with DWG/DXF format. So reuse of legacy data is easy.

The user interface is also the same, as a familiar user will take a short time to adapt to it. In other words, you will take a minimal learning curve to adapt here.

DraftSight interface

Import model to DraftSight

Some of the commands you can work with Draftsight are below:

  • Layer Management
  • Blocks
  • Mechanical Tool Box
  • Ballooning and BOM

Layer Management:

You can Use the Layer command to create new Layers, set the active Layer, and specify Layer properties and behavior.

Layer Management in DraftSight

You can create a new Layer at any time. For efficiency, it is recommended that you plan Layers in advance.



A Block is a collection of entities bound together as a single entity. After you create a Block, you can insert it whenever you need it in a drawing.

When you use the Make Block command, the Block is recognized in the current drawing only. The Export Drawing command lets you write a Block to an external drawing file for use in any drawing.

Blocks in DraftSight


Mechanical Tool Box:

DraftSight contains robust mechanical tools and symbols that will help you standardize your mechanical drafting practices and speed up your time to market. The Mechanical Toolbox allows you to choose which industry standard you want to use or create your own custom standard.

Mechanical tool box in DraftSight


Ballooning and BOM

The Ballooning system will let you give Properties of the physical entity present and extracted to BOM with a single click.

Ballooning and BOM generation in DraftSight


Power Tools available in Draftsight

  • Image Tracer
  • Drawing Compare


Image Tracer

Image Tracer in Draftsight

The Image Tracer tool lets you convert raster images in .bmp, .png, and .jpg formats to vector format. The images can be architectural plans, floor plans, logos, and curved images.

Image Tracer


Drawing Comparison

Compare to quickly identify and track changes using drawing revisions. Draw compare graphically depict differences between drawings/show entities that have been added or removed in the color of your choice.

Drawing Comparison



Benefits of using DraftSight

It’s time to expose the commercial benefit of this software over other 2D cad software.

  • Draftsight is having Perpetual cum network license type. Yes, we are providing a lifetime license with the best in price - No need for yearly renewal.
  • Also, we are providing Tech support for your license.
  • ROI – Tax depreciation against purchase.
  • API and LISP Programs are also available in Draftsight for customization.


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