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Show assembly as part in indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS

Show assembly as part in indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS


Best Practices to use indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS

Generally, the main purpose of indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS is to show all the parts inside an assembly and subassembly in detail.

Sometimes when we use a standard assembly component item in SOLIDWORKS for creating a model which is a bought-out and SOLIDWORKS consider that as an assembly and it will list all the part in that assembly in indented BOM. Since it is a bought-out item our requirement will be it needs to appear as  a single part in our BOM

If we save that assembly as a part and use it in the assembly all the kinematic motion will be lost. And we can’t use the motion in the assembly

Let me insert an assembly to the assembly and then take the BOM for example.

In this case, the hydraulic cylinder line item number 6 is a brought our item, and we need it as a single line item, lets's see how we can do it in this blog

BOM of Hydraulic cylinder assembly


Open the assembly of the hydraulic cylinder and then go to the configuration

Select and right-click on the configuration.

SOLIDWORKS BOM configuration properties

Under the Bill of material option, choose “Hide”.  The hide option will hide all the parts in this assembly BOM.

Hide or Show parts in BOM properties

Now Let me insert this part into the assembly and then take the BOM for example.

Show assembly as part in intended BOM in SOLIDWORKS

The hydraulic cylinder line item number 6 is a brought as item, and it is still an assembly with all the constrain and motion. Now it will show as a single line item in assembly indented BOM in SOLIDWORKS.

I hope this blog is helpful for all, apply this in your BOM creation and simplify your work.


Rename file in SOLIDWORKS using Pack & go

How to Rename/Change the file name in SOLIDWORKS using Pack & Go for revision change


Rename/Change the File Name In SOLIDWORKS using Pack and GO for Revision Change

In this blog we are going to see how we can use a hide function in “Pack and Go” option for replacing the text in the file name.

Pack and go option is one of the popular options that we all use to know; it will help us to get all the reference files of any assembly or drawing so you can share can it with others or to create a complete backup.


To open Pack and Go dialog box Select File --> Pack and GO

Prefix and suffix option in the pack and go dialogue box will use to add the text in front or back of your file name correspondingly

For example, you have added R1 in your suffix and saved a file for a revision change

Revision change or renaming in SOLIDWORKS

Now you need to make a revision R2 in the renamed file

In this scenario, you can use the option select/replace

Click the button and you will see the dialogue box as below

Pack & go - Select replace

Now you can just enter R1 in find and R2 in replace and then close select/replace dialogue box

So all your file name has been renamed from R1 to R2.

Pack & go - rename file

You also have two check boxes as case sensitive and exact match.

Pack & go - Select replace criteria

Case sensitive check box will help to ignore case sensitivity in the characters

And Exact match check box will help you to relax the space between the word

For example, if you have a file name “universal jointR1” you find in R1 will not help to find this R1 since this jointR1 is a single word, in this case, you can uncheck the exact match check box so it will recognize R1 and it can be replaced with R2

Hope this blog is useful.


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