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How to Compare Documents in SolidWorks

How to Compare Documents in SolidWorks?


Compare Documents in SolidWorks:


The Compare Documents command in SolidWorks is used to compare the document properties, features, geometry, and bill of materials between two documents. The comparison of two documents can be compared in an overlay window to identify the changes that occurred in the documents.

For example, in an industry, a product design has two or more revisions. If the user uses the standard method to compare the difference between those product design revisions, it takes more time. As an alternative, the user can easily use this method to compare two different documents to save time.

5 Steps involved in Compare/Identify changes between documents 

Step 1:Select & Compare Documents

Click Tools --> Compare --> Documents


The above image shows that the user could open the two documents for comparison and follow the above steps.

Step 2: Run Comparison

The Compare Command will be opened in the Task Pane. Then follow the below steps:

    • In Reference Document Click the drop-down button and select the File Base_Bracket_&. SLDPRT.
    • In the Modified Document drop-down button select the File Base_Bracket_1&. SLDPRT.
    • In Items to Compare, Select the Check box for Document properties, Features, Geometry à Align parts.
    • Click Run Comparison Button.

Run Comparison in SolidWorks


The above image shows that the user can follow the above steps to Compare Documents.

STEP 3: Compare Document Result

In this step, the compare document shows the File Properties, Part Properties, and Document Properties - Detailing of the two Documents.

Compare Document in SolidWorks

File Properties Displays:

    • Size
    • Last Saved On

Part Properties Displays:

    • Face Count
    • Mass
    • Volume
    • Coordinates of X, Y, and Z (Center of Mass)
    • Feature count

Document Properties(Detailing – Annotation) Displays:

    • Display Annotations

STEP 4: Compare Feature Result

This step shows the difference between the two document Features.

Compare documents Feature Result in SolidWorks

BASE_BRACKET_&. SLDPRT FILE: The feature operations are not performed & displayed.

BASE_BRACKET_1&. SLDPRT FILE: The feature operations are performed in this file. They are

    • Cut Extrude
    • Fillet

STEP 5: Compare Geometry Result

This result has two comparisons. They are

    • Volume Comparison
    • Face Comparison

Volume Comparison:

This result displays,

    • Material to Remove
    • Material to Add
    • Common Volume

Volume Comparison document in SolidWorks


Face Comparison:

This result displays,

    • Unchanged faces
    • Unique faces
    • Modified faces

Face Comparison document in SolidWorks



This Compare Document command is used to compare the Documents properties, Features, and Geometry. The user can easily identify the differences and the changes that occurred in two different documents.


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