Blank Length Calculation using SOLIDWORKS.

Sheetmetal design and getting flatten or blank length is one of our Day-To-Day activities in most of the industries. Most of us know SOLIDWORKS has more capabilities do create sheetmetal design and drawings for fabrication purposes. In this article let us see how the flatten length is been calculated.

Let us consider following Example: Assumptions [K Factor =0.5]


Blank Length Calculation using SOLIDWORKS 1


Following is the formulas for calculating flatten length:

Flatten length = Flange lengths + base flange length + flatten lengths of bend

[Flange Length and Flatten Length of bend are considered for two edge flanges above]

= [2*22.26] + 94.53 + flatten lengths of bend

Flatten length of bend = (Bend inner radius + K-factor * thickness) * Bend angle in radians
= (0.74 + (0.5*2)) * 1.57
= 2.73 (this is flattened length of one bend)

Total flatten length = (2 * 22.26) + 94.53 + (2.73 * 2)

= 44.52+94.53+5.46
= 144.51

SOLIDWORKS Flatten Length = 144.51 [Refer Below Image]


Blank Length Calculation using SOLIDWORKS 2


In this way, SOLIDWORKS will help you to derive the Blank Length for your sheetmetal design.

Hope this article will help you realize the design calculations behind the screen to match the practical calculations, where flatten feature in SOLIDWORKS will help you to reduce your design calculation time by providing the flatten length directly.


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