Why 5-Axis Machining?

5-Axis Machining -MastercamTwo decades back Industries were reluctant moving from manual programming to  CNC programming and today most of the companies to stay ahead in competition moved from traditional method to conventional machining technique with the help of CAD/CAM Technology. Gone are the days of Manual Programming, and with any business investing in the latest technology is a requirement to stay on top and compete effectively.

Machinist thinks they don’t have 5-axis work. Every shop has work that would benefit from a 5-axis machine because a 5-axis machining center facilitates 5-sided machining. So, even if you don’t have simultaneous 5-axis work, such as impellers or turbines, the parts you are producing on your 3-axis machines will be more profitable when you use 5-sided machining on a 5-axis machining center.


MultiAxis Machining

Today technology has further grown and there is no more word called “complex machining” thanks to technology which moves beyond 5 Axis. It’s always key to understand the design of 5 Axis Machine and its working methodology. The 5-Axis machine has three linear axes and has two additional rotary axes that can either use rotary table nor incorporates the rotary axes into the machine’s headstock and spindle.  Today machining is possible from 2 Axis to 11 Axis. Using CNC programming software’s such as Mastercam combining with Robotmaster machining up to 11 Axis is simple and the virtual simulation process helps the user to avoid costlier mistakes like machine collision, material damage, tool damages etc.

Advantage of 5-Axis Machining

  1. Any complex machining can be done in single setup
  2. Casting process can be avoided as complex machining is possible with multiaxis machining
  3. Since the head can be lowered towards the job and the cutter oriented towards the surface, shorter cutting tools to be used and thus higher cutting speed is achieved, and tool vibration is reduced.
  4. Time Saving “Time is Money”
  5. Drilling holes with different compounded angles is much possible with 5 axis machine, the head can be oriented along the correct axis for each hole automatically, allowing drilling to be completed precisely.

Article from R.Thambu Siva Subramanian |Marketing Manager | SIMTEK