ANIMATE your Product in a whole new way through SOLIDWORKS Composer.

SOLIDWORKS Composer software enables you to easily create 2D and 3D graphical content directly from your 3D CAD files for your product technical communications.

 How do I Animate my product through SOLIDWORKS Composer?

ANIMATE your Product in a whole new way through SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Step1 : Open the Assembly file (FILE – OPEN)

Step2 : Go to HOME TAB and select ANIMATION command, make sure the assembly Is in ANIMATION MODE.

Step 3: We now target to animate the way how CRANK KNOB is going to Disassemble and Assemble with The CRANK ARM (refer image 1)

Step 4: Place the Time bar to the Beginning of the Timeline. And Make sure the CAMERA AUTO KEYS MODE is turned ON(highlighted in Blue if turned ON)

Step 5: Now Set Camera Keys at that location, Drag the Time Bar to a 1 Second timeline and Set Camera Keys at that location too. Make Sure the assembly is zoomed out to a full assembly view.

Step6: Drag the timeline bar at the beginning of the timeline. Now Zoom the assembly until the crank shaft, crank arm and crank knob parts are only visible on the graphics area(Composer has recorded the this animation in the background)

Step 7: Select the crank knob and click on SET LOCATION KEY with the time bar being placed in the previous location.

Step 8: Move the time bar to a 3second timeline

Step9: Go to TRANSFORM tab and click TRANSLATE command.

Step 10: Hold the CRANK KNOB  GREEN TRIAD and Drag Upwards.

Step 11: With the time bar being placed  in the previous location(3secs), Now move the time Bar to a     5 seconds timeline and set location key at that timeline position.

Step 12 : Drag the GREEN TRIAD of the CRANK KNOB and place it in the previous position.

Step 15: With the time bar being placed  in the previous location(5secs), Select the SET CAMERA KEYS.

Step 13 : Now place the Time bar to a 7 seconds timeline and select SET CAMERA KEYS at that position and zoom out the assembly until it is fully visible. Press the escape key twice to exit the Translate command.

Step 14: To save your work as a video, go to FILE – SAVE AS  and save it as AVI format.



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