Management Team

Executive Team


A strategic and dynamic leader, he has spearheaded SimTek’s growth since its inception as a founding member. His extensive experience in multiple engineering and management roles has enabled him to contribute significantly in the day -to-day operations. Responsible for marketing and business development besides carrying forward the Company’s vision and expanding its global presence, he continues to play an important role in client acquisitions and strategic alliances. Mr.Suresh Jadhav holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics.

K. Viswanathan

In 2013, when he joined SIMTEK as Assistant Manager, he applied his 16 years of technical knowledge and dedicated himself completely. As a Deputy General Manager, he takes big steps for the Company as well as motivate the employees. Being a people’s person he always enjoys communicating with each and every team of SIMTEK. This makes him a Crowning Jewel of SIMTEK and rejoices him at his every move.

Dilip K.Jadhav

Having a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and 7 plus years of strong technical background in various fields like Mechanical, Production, Manufacturing, etc., He now stands as a strong pillar for SIMTEK since June 2004. These 13 years he has a great control on the Company’s cash flows. He not only acts as an Accounts Manager and administer the Company, but accepts greater challenges as a Management Representative to have coordination between various branches of SIMTEK and execute a good communication with the principles. His intellectual and critical thinking always makes him proactive and provide intensive investment plans to increase the internal profits of SIMTEK.

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