Capabilities Statement

Vision & Mission
  • To emerge as a market-focused, process-centered technology and innovation partner, shaping and leading competition and deliver premium products and services at competitive prices and hence create value.
  • Provide an atmosphere of challenges, opportunities and growth for the SimTek team.
  • Create a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Enable an inclusive culture where the people at all levels work together and communicate, recognizing the strengths and abilities within their group and the wider organization and to apply it for the benefit of the business, customers and partners.
  • Enhance customer productivity and profitability to all stakeholders.
  • Protect customer identity and ideas by adhering to a strict non disclosure policy.
  • Ensure responsibility and accountability –that each individual is sensitive to the impact of his or her actions.
  • Achieve excellence in every action, integrity in every relationship and work ethics and adherence to industry best practices.
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