Why Electrical CAD? " Keeping up with Consumer Demand"

Risk of Electrical Shok

Why SolidWorks Electrical?

“Keeping up with Consumer Demand”

Keeping up with Customer Demand

It can be said that improvements in technology have accelerated in the last decades. As a society, we’re able to produce phones that are capable of doing the same tasks as a computer did years ago. To meet the consumer demand, companies must think of new, innovative ways to improve on existing designs and workflows. In electrical-mechanical design, the traditional methodology involves a serial process that demands constant communication to ensure each step is covered.

Electrical Schematics

What if there was a way to improve on this workflow, and instead work in parallel?

With SolidWorks’ proposal, we are able to streamline the process by allowing the mechanical design team to work in conjunction with the integration, documentation, and data management teams.

SolidWorks Proposal

SolidWorks Electrical is for any product design that requires electrical systems for power, control, and data acquisition. Here are some of the program’s important capabilities:

–          Real-time bi-directional updates between 2D and 3D synchronize electromechanical design so everything stays coordinated throughout development

–          Integration of the 2D single-line and multi-line schematics with the 3D model helps standardize designs and unify your BOMs, reducing mistakes and delays

–          Comprehensive integrated library of nearly 500,000 standard electrical parts makes part selection easy and speeds schematic creation

–          SQL database architecture enables multiple users, including Electrical and Mechanical engineers, to work concurrently on the same projects

–          Direct import of existing DWG™ and DXF™ symbols with existing attributes and connections, as well as generating  DWG, DXF, and PDF documents for projects, with extensive archive capabilities

–          Fully automated generation of PLC schematic, terminal strip drawing, and support documents

–          Generate DWG, DXF, and PDF documents for projects, with extensive archive capabilities

–          Generate reports, and create PDF and DWG exports


SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd is the authorized reseller for SolidWorks Electrical.

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