Configuration Properties

Purpose of configuration

Configurations allow you to create multiple variations of a part or assembly model within a single document. 

In part documents, configurations allow you to create families of parts with different dimensions, features, and properties, including custom properties. Simplified versions of the design by suppressing components.

Without using configure on component


Using configure on component

Configuration Properties In Property Manager

Configuration can act as a different version of a part in the same file.

For example: We used bolts (M10-M26) for creating configuration with multi-dimensions.

When you create or edit configurations manually, you use the add configuration in property Manager. Drawings do not have configurations but they display different configurations of the file reference.

Use configuration:

Configuration is located in the property Manager. Click the icon the configuration tab has opened. In configuration manager tab configuration and display states are be listed.

Click the point and drag down to split the property manager. It will helpful for using configuration and feature manager design tree as a same tab, See the image for your reference

Adding configuration:

For add configuration right click the part in configuration manager design tree. Create name, choose bill of material option complete the command.

Options are available to control the name in bill of material. They are document name, configuration name, user specified name.

Note: In this configure the special characters such as the slash (/) not allowed.

Part number displayed when used in a bill of materials Specifies how to list the assembly or part in a Bill of Materials. Select an option
Document Name The part number is the same as the document name.
Configuration Name The part number is the same as the configuration name.
User Specified Name The part number is a name that you enter.


In sketch while applying smart dimension a modify dialog box appears. Click the ‘This configuration’ after click ok. Configure has added on that particular dimension and that active configuration.

Follow these steps is same for next new adding configuration.

While using ‘This configuration’ all smart dimensions are particular for that configuration.

While using ‘All configurations’ is the value used in all created configuration

While using ‘Specify configuration’ is that the particular dimensions are used common for all created configuration.

After created configuration the various lists of bolt sizes appeared on single part file. For reference the image shown.


This type of configure is smart dimensions related configuration here features hasn’t been suppressed. the part has be one but dimension has vary in the configurations.    

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