Power tool in draftsight

this blog is about a power tool available in draftsight / image tracer.

image tracer

  1. Convert raster images in .bmp, .png, and .jpg formats into accurate and editable lines and curves in DWG files.
  2. The images can range widely from floor plans to artistic logos saving massive time and tedious effort to manually retrieve and edit the image elements.
  3. Image tracer feature is available in all versions except draftsight standard.


  1. When you select the image tracer feature, it shows the property manager of it.
  2. Here you can select the profile type to convert as.
  3. attach an image that want to be converted as dwg.
  4. In this case I use Solidworks logo, so selecting the type as logo
  1. After selecting type of profile, it prompts for selecting the image
  2. Select the image.it starts converting
  3. You can use the transparency option to change the transparency of the image or you can use hide image check box to hide the image

image or you can use hide image check box to hide the image

As a result, here is the logo of Solidworks. Using join command, I can join the individual lines.

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