How to create 3D Model in web browser with the
help of 3DExperience

Innovate, collaborate, and create great designs anywhere and anytime.
3D Creator combines ease of use with innovative design methodologies
and cloud collaboration from inside a web browser.

  • Capture and realize your ideas with parametric 3D models of parts and assemblies.
  • 3D Creator includes the xDesign app which offers Design Guidance, an interactive feature based on simulation and optimization algorithms to help inspire innovative solutions to your design challenges.
  • Stop worrying about installing, configuring or managing software; with a cloud-based solution you are always working with the latest version of 3D Creator on all your devices.
  • Ensure secure communication and collaboration with stakeholders – internal or external. 3D Creator provides unique ways to ensure successful collaboration within the ecosystem through secure and safe communities, complete design and file access control, sharing, light weight visualization, and product review.

· Login with 3 D Passport Login page to log in user

· Open 3D Creator xDesign App and click the new component to create the 3D Model. Refer Above Image

· Give name of the project and give the location to save in 3D Experience platform.

· Now the xDesign platform will open. Create the plane & sketch. I will draw in the plane with the help of Rectangle sketch.
  • Go to features click extrude command it will open the pop-up breadcrumb Next enter the distance and thickness. extrude will available for solid, thin or surface features.
  • Now checking ok, select extrude underfeatured to complete the 3D Model with the help of 3D Experience

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