Solidworks PDM (pro) Vault Database Replication to improve performance – Whats new in Solidworks 2017.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2017 now supports replicating a vault database that can improve performance in high latency (typically more than 50 milliseconds) and high usage



Administrators can use AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AOAG) technology from Microsoft SQL Enterprise edition 2012 or higher. For details, see


For each availability group, AOAG maintains a single read-write primary database and multiple read-only secondary databases. The primary SQL server updates the secondary SQL servers periodically.


Solidworks PDM (pro) Vault Database Replication to improve performance - Whats new in Solidworks 2017.

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Unique Feature in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Connectors in SOLIDWORKS Simulation:
Connectors are the virtual components which are used for connecting faces, edges of two part or to the wall.

Problems faced by FEA Analyst:
– Consider working with larger assemblies, which is having more fasteners. For modeling or taken from the library and assembling those fastens takes some time.
– Additional time will be spent for meshing of all the fasteners in the assembly.

Types of connectors in SOLIDWORKS Simulation:
The different types of connectors are,
• Bolt
• Bearing
• Pin
• Rigid
• Spring
• Elastic Support
• Link
• Edge weld
• Spot welds

How to apply connectors in SOLIDWORKS Simulation?
Right click on the connections available in the Simulation study

Unique Feature in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 1


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Automatic core and cavity builder by using IMOLD in SOLIDWORKS.

What is IMOLD?

IMOLD for SOLIDWORKS is a powerful, completely SOLIDWORKS integrated CAMD tool for streamlining and automating the mold design process. Leveraging SOLIDWORKS, it captures the process specific knowledge of mold engineering to provide designers with expert, highly efficient design tools and step by step guide for the complete mold design process. IMOLD delivers high level of productivity as mold designers can easily produce preliminary and production design at radically short.

Automatic Core & Cavity builder in IMOLD:        

The tool used for Automatic Core cavity Builder is 1-Click Splitting    IMOLD 1

IMOLD 1-Click Splitting is the powerful functions within Core Cavity Builder, allowing you to quickly and easily extract core and cavity of the product in one mouse click.



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