A SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 What’s New feature to supports vault database replication that can greatly improve performance in high latency and high usage environments.

  • Always On Availability Groups (AOAG) technology in Microsoft SQL Enterprise edition 2012 or higher is used for the replication capability.
  • Using AOAG, SOLIDWORKS PDM can direct the read operations to the secondary SQL servers.
  • Each availability group can maintain a single database with read-write access (primary database) and multiple databases with read-only access (secondary databases).


Database Replication in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017

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An Overview of Dimxpert Model.


DimXpert is part of the SWIFT (SOLIDWORKS Intelligent Feature Technology) functionality found in SOLIDWORKS. More than just dimensioning, DimXpert provides an environment to add dimensions, both manually and automatically, to your designs complete with tolerancing.

DimXpert follows ASME Y14.41-2003 and ISO 16792:2006. Even if you do not typically apply GD&T you can still use the Plus / Minus Tolerancing, represented in many standard (common) formats.

Getting Started (Manual Dimensions)

Both the Tree and the ribbon contain tools for working with DimXpert.



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