Standardization – A word which many organizations strive hard to achieve. Engineering department were standards are followed mandatorily in design and drafting.

Engineers use SolidWorks to easily create 3D model and Manufacturing Drawings but they face challenge to streamline their design according to industry standards.

SolidWorks Design Checker, a productivity tool which can ease and potentially automate the design standard checking process. This process involves by simply creating a template for CAD Standard (Build Checks) or using an existing drawing to check against drawings.

In SOLIDWORKS, you can add .swstd extension to your standards file in the ‘check active document’ allowing you to run a check on opened file. The Design Checker lists in the task pane highlighting all the content that has failed the check against your standard and allows you to address them.


Design Checker checks document standards for

  • Annotation & Dimension Fonts
  • Custom Properties
  • Materials
  • Standard Units
  • Arrow Style
  • Layers
  • Title Blocks

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Configuration is a concept of creating multiple versions of Parts and Assemblies with in a single document for creating components which has similar shape but different dimensions and parameters and we can change these configurations anytime inside part and assembly to get our desired model. SolidWorks has a much easy tool while importing a part into an assembly which will allow us to select the required configuration by using Configuration Publisher. This tool was introduced in SolidWorks in 2010 version.


To use this tool, firstyou have to create a design table within the part model and then in the configuration manager tab, right click the part name and select the option Configuration Publisher.

And now you will be introduced to configuration publisher window. You have to select the parameters that are to be included in the configuration selection menu, which we will be required to choose while using the part file in the assembly.  Then apply the settings and close the window and save the document.


If it is necessary, publish the model to 3D Content central.

We have successfully created configuration publisher. And now how can we use this published configs? Let’s see how to…

Configuration publisher_simtek.

Now after importing the part file into the assembly, it will automatically prompt you to select the version that is required. Read more »

Add Sunlight in SOLIDWORKS

Sunlight is most similar to the directional light, in that they both represent an infinitely far light source where all rays are parallel. The similarities end there however.  What sets the sunlight apart is that on your model, you indicate a north direction, a location on the earth, and then a time and date. SOLIDWORKS will accurately locate the sunlight source in relation to your model and take atmospheric conditions into effect to generate realistic outdoor lighting.

solidworks sustainbility, athorized reseller


Here, we see the sun on this East facing house in Waltham, MA on March 26, 2014 at noon.  But SOLIDWORKS didn’t stop there. They took it a step further and gave us the Solar Access Study (SAS). Essentially, the SAS is a motion study showing how the light and shadows change throughout the day or year as the sun moves across the sky. Read more »

Mouse Gestures Customization in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Simulation (FEA) is an Add in product of SOLIDWORKS (SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Authorized Reseller for SOLIDWORKS) which gives Numerical solution for the defined model with few clicks. Watch this Mouse Gesture tips & tricks video to view the Mouse gesture option (Maximum 8 keys can be operated at once).

In this live demonstration of Hollow rectangular bar which is fixed at both ends and applied a load of 25000 N on the face Normal to Top Plane. Mesh is done in Parabolic tetrahedral as Default mesh. By using the mouse gesture option all the work carried out without searching tool then run the analysis by dropping to bottom icon RUN. You can view result in parameters like stress, displacement, strain & factor of safety.


Apart from this, we may animate the displacement plot by drag the mouse to lower left corner. We can also adjust the speed. The Post processing function also included in the Graphical user interface by showing the maximum and minimum of Von mises plot. Read more »


MSME DEFENCE EXPO ( National Level Vendor Development Programme Cum Industrial Exhibition ) , VISIT SIMTEK @ Stall No 27,  Venue: Vallur Vasuki Kalyana Mandapam, HVF Estate, Avadi, Chennai – 54


To Provide Platform to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise. The proposed exhibition will facilitate indentifying the buyers and selecting the right vendors to meet out their requirements. The event also provide a common platform of MSME’s, Ancilliaries Large Scale Purchasing organizations and development service agencies to highlight about their policies, products, purchase procedure, schemes and assitance for rapid industrialization and vibrant economic growth of the nation.

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MSME – DI, ( Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Development Institute) Under the ministry of MSME, Goverment of India is working for the promotion and development growth of MSMEs in Tamilnadu of Pondicherry. — at Hvf,avadi.

About SIMTEK :-

SIM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the India’s Leading Technology SolutionsProvider for DesignManufacturing,Reverse EngineeringRobot Programming, Metrology & Mining. Established in the year 2000, SIMTEK has consistently delivered industry proven expertise to a wide range of technologies and verticals through the entire product cycle across India. SIMTEK represents several leading Cutting Edge CAD|CAM|CAE| CAI Products used around the World. SIMTEK is an Authorized Training & Support Centre for SOLIDWORKS & Mastercam software, which offers a wide spectrum of courses tailor-made for specific audiences taught by Instructors with real-world experience.