“He’s a designer, so he shouldn’t touch CAM, right?” Wrong—and here’s why.

CAD and CAM are so frequently lumped together that many people outside our industry have a difficult time separating the two. “CAD/CAM” has become a single catchall phrase for two very different processes; modeling and machining a part. That line becomes even more blurred with the powerful integrated CAM software available to today’s SolidWorks users.


Some companies struggle to separate the two. They may feel their designers shouldn’t touch CAM either because they won’t get anything out of it or they’ll never be able to program correctly.


That train of thought is understandable. It might be time to reconsider those two preconceptions.

“CAM doesn’t do my designer any good.”


A good SolidWorks user can create some amazing designs, and fast. What benefit could there be from letting them use CAM in any way?


Talk to any machinist and they’ll let you know that one of the most common issues in their workflow is the ability to manufacture the part efficiently due to a poor design. They may receive a part or assembly and realize that some small component of if makes the machining job either dramatically more difficult or next to impossible. In many cases machinability issues like this can be corrected with small cosmetic or internal changes to a part that won’t impact the look or function but will yield a part that is faster and easier to cut and more over SolidWorks DFM Express (Design for Manufacturability) Tool helps Designers to predict design flaws in subject to Manufacturability.

Mastercam for SolidWorks - SIMTEK India

By letting your designer use – even just “play” with – your integrated CAM software you increase the likelihood that those small changes and tweaks will be made during design. With a little familiarity and knowledge, the designer can much more easily understand the manufacturing issues thus minimizing rev changes saving time and money (and save that back-and-forth with the shop that can easily escalate time and costs).


“My designer doesn’t know how to machine.”


This is certainly often true. Many companies rightly prefer to have their designers be expert designers, and have their programmers be expert machinists. They are both different disciplines that require their own skills.

Fortunately, integrated CAM lets you make the most of your in-house machining expertise in ways that help your experts in both areas.

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HaasTec 2013

Haastec 2013

SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd (Authorized Dealer for Mastercam software) associates with Haas Automation, Inc. as vendor partner. Haas Tec 2013, the 3rd successful event in India happens between 16th October – 19th October. After a debut event in the south of the country at Chennai, and the 2012 Open House in western India at Ahmedabad, this year HaasTec heads north to Manesar near New Delhi.

Manesar is one of the fastest growing townships in India. It has already become an important manufacturing hub, especially for the automotive industry, with leading vehicle manufacturers and supply chain companies situated nearby.

Haas expert demonstrating CNC machine along with Mastercam softwareDuring these 4 days Haas USA experts will present Technical Seminars and apart, Vendors like SIMTEK (Mastercam Dealer) will present on Advanced Dynamic Mill and 5 Axis Machining Techniques with respect to Haas CNC Machines also leading cutting tool manufacturers like Sandvik, Seco will present on latest innovations in tooling. Live job cutting demonstration on Haas Machines happens on all the 4 days.


Haas expert demonstrating CNC machine along with Mastercam softwareAround 4000 attendees were expected for Haas Tec 2013, where visitors will find a wide selection of Haas machines on display for applications ranging from high-speed milling to multi-axis turning.”

Visitors to Haas Tec 2013 Manesar will see many of the company’s latest generation CNC machine tools, such as various configurations of Y-axis CNC lathes that include the DS30Y dual-spindle and ST-20Y single-spindle models. Also on display will be the EC400 horizontal machining centre and the best selling DT1 drill/tap machine, as well as VF-2 and VF-4SS super speed vertical machining centres.

Pre-register at www.HaasCNC.com/openhouse


SIMTEK’s Mastercam Team looking forward to meet at Haas Tec 2013. Please do visit us at the Exhibition Hall, Stall No.5 for live Mastercam Demonstration and don’t forget to register for Mastercam Trail Version.