Tolerance Stack Up made easy

In this fast moving world, design for manufacturing is very important. Every dimension given in design process cannot be precisely machined. So, Tolerance is given to each dimension to give a relaxation in precision machining. The tolerance given at part level should meet the requirements in assembly level for proper fit and function. Therefore, checking the effects of tolerance in parts is important.


What is Tolerance Stack Up?

Tolerance Stack Up is the process of calculating the effects of cumulative variation between given specific dimensions and tolerances.

Simply, it is used in assembly to know how the dimensions and tolerances in parts influence the assembly.

Generally, there are 2 types in Tolerance Stack Up

  1. Arithmetic Tolerance Stack up (Worst Case Method)
  2. Statistical Tolerance Stack Up (Root Sum Square Method)

Both these methods take very much time, if we calculate manually.

Tol Analyst:

Tol Analyst  is a powerful tool in SolidWorks with which we can make these calculations easily and can see how much the part feature tolerance contributes the assembly tolerance. These features can be edited to acquire the required tolerance in assembly.


  • Efficiently reduces prototyping of assembly for checking proper fit and function.
  • Significantly reduces the need for doing hand calculations which would be time consuming.
  • Manual errors in calculations also eliminated as the process is completely done in SolidWorks itself.
  • Reduces the manufacturing cost by confirming the tolerance at design level.
  • The position of maximum and minimum tolerance can be viewed directly in SolidWorks TolAnalyst.
  • Easy and quick result and the report can be exported to MS- Excel and saved for future reference.

Tolerance stack up Analysis

DesignACE 2013

The fifth edition of DesignACE, DesignACE 2013 – South India’s largest engineering design contest for students, successfully drew to a close on the day of the Grand Finale last Saturday, September 21, 2013.


  • Students from Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore won the 1st Prize with cash award of Rs.40,000 for their Foldable Car Project.
  • Students from Sona College of Technology, Salem won the 2nd prize with cash award of Rs.30,000 for their Multi-purpose Wheel Chair and
  • Students from KCG College of Technology, Chennai won the 3rd Prize with cash award of Rs.20,000 for their Regenerative shock Absorber project.

DesignACE 2013 Model Mania Contest

Chief Guest

The Grand Finale was presided over by Mr. S. Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer, Acer India Pvt Ltd. His keynote address resonated with the audience with some of the highlights particularly hitting home that included the reference to design being relegated to “professional priesthood in the past”, the Red Dot Design award and Acer, and also the flexible walker designed by a school student especially with regard to the climbing of stairs. Read more »

Role of 3D CAD in Process Planning

In any Manufacturing Industry Process Planning plays major role through which Transformation of the Design Information takes place through a stage wise work flow. Process planning documents provides the information of transformation of Raw Material to Finished part through various processes.

Following is the one of the sample Process Planning for a Machining part-

  • Operation sequence, process and steps
  • Material shape, size and hardness
  • Selection of Jigs and Fixtures and work holding methods
  • Selection of Machines based upon part Machinability, finish and Tolerances
  • Cutting Tools and cutting Methods
  • Cutting parameters and Pattern
  • CNC code for various controllers
  • Inspection criteria stage wise
  • Inspection equipment and Gauges
  • Surface finish and accuracy
  • Graphical representations of the part in various stages of completion
  • Handling, Storage, Transportation, Shipping, Documentation
  • Systematic documentation above for easy re-use and continuous improvement. Read more »

Mastercam – Turning Your Dreams into Reality for 30 Years

Mastercam has been helping you create NC code for three decades. Watch how Mastercam and your programming have changed the world! We’ve seen amazing projects come to life through the combination of your creativity and our software. We look forward to many more years of collaboration with our #MastercamFamily of users around the world.

SolidWorks 2014 Innovation Day – Live at your Cities

Dassault Systemes the 3DEXPERIENCE company, world leader in 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, launched SOLIDWORKS 2014 on 10th September 2013 and its the 22nd release version. SOLIDWORKS 2014 a 3D software portfolio delivering a rich array of product offerings including 3DCAD, Simulation, Product Data Management, Technical Communication and Electrical Design that further enhance delivering new levels of productivity across all Industries to design without limits.



SolidWorks has always have been driven by its users and that’s the success mantra for SolidWorks “ease of use” 3DCAD software compared to any other CAD Software, but starting around 2011-2012, they took the users involvement to the extreme. Instead of just listening to the users request, they decided to invite some of the best users in the SolidWorks Community  to join the SolidWorks Product Definition team and take an even more active role in shaping the future of SolidWorks.




SolidWorks 2014 helps product designers transfer their creative ideas from design sketches and images into 3D models faster than before, while expanding the set of design tools to transform ideas into products for new markets.

The Integrated SolidWorks  product portfolio includes new tools and enhancement to shorten the design process, enhance collaboration and increase productivity across four key areas: design tools, integrated workflows, performance increases and enhanced visualization for improved collaboration. Read more »