CAD Certification for Mechanical Engineers – Freshers

SIMTEK [Professional Channel partner for Dassault Systemes] recommend CSWA – Certified SolidWorks Associate. Certification for fresh Mechanical engineers. SolidWorks CSWA Certification is a benchmark to measure the knowledge and competency that budding mechanical engineers possess.


SolidWorks CAD certification is a proof of your SolidWorks Expertise with cutting edge Skills that business seek out and reward with SolidWorks CAD certification you can stand out from crowd in today’s Job Market.



SolidWorks Design Validation Day 2013

Many Engineering Technocrate witnessed SolidWorks Design validation  show conducted by SIMTEK in Chennai, Coimbatore & Kolhapur. Companies such as Johnson Lifts, HCL Technologies, BGR Energy, Kone Elevators and many more activity participated in SolidWorks Design Validation Day 2013 Event.

The Concept of Design Validation Day is to educate our customer & prospects about the Analysis capabilities available inside SolidWorks Software. Benefit of  SolidWorks Analysis Tools are

  1. Design cycle Time is reduced
  2. Reduce weight and material cost
  3. Compare design alternatives to meet specific customer needs
  4. Field failure of products is minimized
  5. Improve durability & manufacturability
  6. Optimize margin

SIMTEK Support engineers helps customer in benchmarking their design challenges. With SIMTEK assistance one of our client Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd have reduced weight up to 20% (ie) 5 Kg through design optimization by reducing thickness of valve body.


Analysis weight optimization


SolidWorks Simulation Technology provides design engineers with right tools at right time to make better decisions and the end results are better products lower cost and faster time-to-market.

Green Design from SPI Equipment India Pvt Ltd.

sustainability product_green productMr. VIjaykishen K – Managing Director of SPI Equipment India Pvt Ltd shared his experience on SolidWorks Sustainability

“SPI Equipments India Pvt Ltd provides a wide range of products for textile unit. SP-Infracolor is a laboratory apparatus suitable for dyeing of any type of fibres at high temperatures.

Our policy is to produce environmental friendly products for dying industry. We think about environmental impact of our product at each stage, right from Design till Manufacturing and Recycling.


We have a holder that is a part of our portable dyeing machine. This is basically made of SS steel 304 grade whose cost is high. We use Investment Die casting process for producing this component and later we had to machine them as well.  Due to its hardness, cutting tools often break.


We got introduced to SolidWorks Sustainability Express through SIMTEK

Technical expert Mr. Mohanraj & Mr. Gokul Rangarajan. They guided us in exploring SolidWorks Sustainability Express which I personally feel Manufacturing industries should adopt such Technology for producing Green products right from design stage. SolidWorks Sustainability considers four key environmental Indicators: carbon footprint, total energy consumed, impacts to air and impacts to water. By evaluating these indicators across the projected life cycle of design, from raw materials, production through use and end-of-life.

We tried using various alternate materials and checked them for a better eco-friendly material, which may reduce cost of material, Processing cost, life of cutting tool and finally material wastage & still serve my purpose. We compared Aluminium alloy grade LM4 and Brass with SS steel 304 grade and we finalized Aluminium alloy grade LM4 which is more environmental friendly and cost effective compared to other two materials.

The below results shows the comparison between SS steel 304 grade & Aluminium alloy grade LM4. The Upper bar indicates Aluminium alloy grade LM4 and the Lower bar indicates SS steel 304 grade.

Sustainbility 3

Sustainbility 2Sustainbility 1

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SIMTEK Joined Hands with HURCO for Live Machining with Mastercam @ INTEC 2013, Coimbatore

HUrco and Mastercam Live MahciningMastercam X7 has been launched officially in Chennai on 4th June 2013.Mastercam X7 has come up with excellent enhancements, which in turn reduces programming time and increases productivity. Also Mastercam X7 has introduced New Add-on’s to face the Machine Tool Builders Requirements.

During the INTEC 2013 Tardeshow, SIMTEK has taken an opportunity to prove Mastercam X7 Capabilities on the HURCO Machine. Mastercam High Speed Machining Toolpath was programmed for a Fan Mould and a Live cutting on HURCO VMX 42E was done. Read more »

Traditional approach for square Drill

Traditional method:

Since 1960s vertical milling machine has developed. Milling machine is used to cut a  slot with corner fillet and using End Mill tool to get corner (to be rounded off) the radius of a fillet which depends upon the tool diameter. Depth of slot is constraint with respect to tool length.

Difficulties faced during 19th century:

  • human error,
  • time consumption for men and material
  • level of accuracy
  • Bulk production

Those difficulties can be overcome with latest technology with a Multi point single tool.It’s an interesting topic which deals with CAM usage to measure appropriate dimensions of the work piece and tool. The tool consists of rotational with lateral displacement along circular path. The tool dimensions are rigid throughout the operation. You may produce bulk production of components with reduced process it will be helpful for that process.Path of Multi point Tool

Fig 1: Path of Multi point Tool

Figure 1 represents the path of tool which is highlighted with blue color with circular path in blue point and yellow is path which followed by the tool. Machined part is indicated with green color to avoid confusion different color is shown. Read more »