Bridging Institutes and Industries

Initiative to bridge the gap ICTACT is a unique between Industry and Academia. It is a platform for all stakeholders to discuss on improving industry-institute interactions on various subjects, aiming at producing more employable manpower.

Simtek sensing this opportunity in the first place, took part in ICTACT Bridge conferences held at Chennai  and Tirunelveli. ICTACT BRIDGE was very successful in terms of record attendees, well thought & delivered keynote addresses, Panel discussions, and active participants.

Simtek along with its Principals – DS Dassault Systemes  USA and CNC Software Inc, USA was “Associate Sponsor” for both the events. Being fastest growing Engineering solutions Provider in India, Simtek aimed at representations on various platforms to share its domain knowledge, improve upon branding and offer employment opportunity to participating institutes. In true sense, Simtek is very instrumental in bridging the industry-institute gap through ICTACT.

Simtek is committed to strengthen the working relationship with ICTACT for all future endeavours and reach a win-win situation for our industry customers and educational institutes.


The influences of a rapidly changing technological society have not left behind the field of Sculpture. Although, still traditional methods of sculpture carving process are practiced, let’s look how today range of technical possibilities, use of Robots and computers have important implication.

Over the past decade there have been major changes in sculptural processes and the tools associated with them. Three primary areas of change witnessed by sculptors are

  1. 3D Design of sculpture from the 2D outline sketch
  2. Technology Evolution in particular to Robots, Robotic Programming software linked to computer and Cutting Tools.
  3. Increase in use of power tools and decline in use of hand tools.
  4. Access to remarkable range of materials and processes

“With Robotmaster software we were able to control the Robots to reduce the machining time and working time to a great extent.” Mr.Anil Ram Sutar – Director, Ram Sutar Fine Arts Pvt Ltd.
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Dassault Systèmes announced the acquisition of SIMPOE, SAS (SIMPOE), a leading provider of plastics injection molding Analysis software.  SIMPOE is a Gold partner for SolidWorks for a long time and the developers of the SolidWorks Plastics Technology.


This acquisition will provide our user community with access to the full range of SIMPOE technology, including advanced plastics part warpage and injection mold cooling analysis capabilities. Dassault Systemes will expand the integration of SIMPOE’s technology to other brands like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIA and further support the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and offer the best-in-class plastics simulation technology on the market. Read more », a new way to experience the SolidWorks Community

SolidWorks is big community with 2 million people learning and using on a regular basis. Yes a lot people writing, blogging, tweeting and posting about SolidWorks, as well as creating videos and images. Also means that SolidWorks users are spending more time than ever interacting between community sites, blogs, forums and other services. From a SolidWorks perspective alone, host a dozen blogs, a hugely popular forum, several Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, a massive YouTube channel, and so on.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find some of this stuff in a single place? SolidWorks think so.
SIMTEK invites all our SolidWorks customers and prospects to and get benefited with the community in terms of gaining and sharing knowledge.