Accelerating Product Documentation with SOLIDWORKS Composer / Enhancing Technical Communication with 3D Interactive Content

Event Speaker

Selvakumar B

Application Engineer

Event Type: Webinar

Event Date: 16 Jul 2024

Event Time: 11:00 AM – 12.00 PM

Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Composer

  • Start documentation earlier in the design process and updating it faster when design changes occur.
  • Create interactive 3D content that can be viewed by anyone with the free SOLIDWORKS Composer Player.
  • Add interactive graphics to training materials.
  • Create high-resolution, shaded renderings with a 3D appearance for presentations and brochures.
  • Create more lifelike visual imagery and eliminate the need for physical prototypes in creating product marketing materials.
  • Create interactive animations to effectively communicate complex product details.
  • Create interactive bills of materials (BOMs) and parts lists.
Solidworks composer
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