Dedicated Multiaxis Programming for Multi-bladed Parts

Conventionally, one of the most complex 5-axis challenges is creating toolpaths for impellers, fans, and marine screws. These parts are widely used in power generation, energy transfer, and propulsion.


Blade Expert is a powerful, user friendly custom application developed to generate efficient, smooth, and collision-free toolpaths for these complex parts. It minimizes unnecessary air passes at the machine, delivering a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality and accuracy.


Multi-bladed turbine parts and impellers come in different configurations, but Blade Expert’s common sense operation process turns these machining challenges into routine solutions. And, the interface is the same one used by all […] Read more

Is CAD/CAM Technology a Challenge for Students?


Q1. Why it is important for mechanical students to know about fundamentals of CNC programming applications?

Unlike CAD, understanding CAM is Critical and Challenging. Cad is more widely used on virtual platform (Computers). Whereas CAM is more about converting the CAD model into reality, where u need to understand the behaviour of CNC machines and have a good knowledge of cutting tools. Any small error can result in collision of machine, breakage of tools, Job Wastage, Human accidents.


Q2. What is expected from a Fresher in an Industry with respect to CAD/ CAM?

The biggest expectation from a fresher in a CAD/CAM industry […] Read more

Mastercam “Innovator Of Future 2014” Competition is Headed to Space

Keep yourself Occupied this Winter Holidays.


SIMTEK Authorised Dealer for Mastercam software in India is proud to announce the Innovator of Future Competition for young Engineering Students across the World.


Mastercam and Optimax, builders of the optics behind the latest technologies in aerospace, have teamed up to challenge young engineers to design and machine a part associated with the NASA Curiosity Rover.

Competition restrictions/guidelines:
Entrants must be between the ages of 16 and 25 years old and have access to a machine shop to cut their entry part.

Prizes for this competition include:

$1,000 plus a FREE seat of Mastercam Mill Level 1
An expenses-paid trip for […] Read more